About the Preview Version

This is a sandboxed instance and its purpose is to give you the look and feel of The Customer Collector, before deciding whether to purchase it. Bear in mind that it has limited functionality, but you can still play around with it up to some extent. Here are the differences from a production instance:

  • You only can use a predefined user to login: username: testuser, password: testpassword.
  • The notification links are not functional, they do not forward any lead information to the target integration.
  • The mapping activity logs will be pre-filled with random data to give you an idea of what the statistical charts look like.
  • And what is most important, any confidential data, including all settings and authentication tokens created during your session, is volatile and attached strictly to the current session, so that they'll vanish upon the next logout. More than that, your data is inaccessible to other users that may use this instance at the same time. As a rule of thumb, your confidential information is safe with us.

Brief Description

Currently JVZoo includes integrations for many email marketing services at product level, but the affiliates are bound to GetResponse alone. But what if you are not a GestResponse user? As an affiliate promoting products from JVZoo, you have basically two options:

  1. A squeeze page in front of the affiliate link. With this method you’ll never be certain whether a prospect subscribing to your list will actually purchase the product or not. Your lists will not be pure buyers lists.
  2. A squeeze page in front of the bonuses. Your buyers may decide not to access your bonuses and thus you are losing valuable leads.

The Customer Collector overcomes these limitations by supercharging your affiliate links with the power of collecting your buyers into your email lists with no optin required.

More than that, The Customer Collector is not limited to just collecting your leads, it also have additional cool features that are missing from the built-in integrations.

Getting Started

To start working with The Customer Collector please click on Log In in the navigation bar and fill in the credentials of the test user, as this is a sandboxed version. Then you'll be able to access the admin area. See you inside for further details...


The full PDF documentation was included in the software package, but for your convenience you can also access it online.

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Get Support

For any questions you may have, don't hesitate to use our ticketing system. Any typical questions are constantly added in a dedicated FAQ section.

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Promote The Customer Collector as an affiliate and get paid with 100% commission for any purchase your clients will make.

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