The Sections


The Users section enables you to manage the people having access to the admin area of the software. Initially, only you have access, but should you decide to externalize the management of your mappings, you can do it by granting access to others as well.

Be aware, even if you can create multiple users, the application wasn’t designed like a SaaS with separate profiles for each user. There is only one single profile that can be accessed by all users, so be careful who you grant access to because all of the users will have administrative rights and will share the same data.


This is the section where you configure the integration connections with the external services.

Before creating your first mapping, you need to connect to the services you are going to use. To do so, simply click on Connect button and then follow the instructions on the screen. Each integration has its own specific set of instructions to follow.

It’s worth noting that only the integrations requiring authentication to external services are shown on this page. If for some reason you want to disconnect a service, just click on the corresponding Disconnect button.

For details on the connection features specific to each integration please consult The Integrations chapter.


The mappings are used for pairing one source with one target services using the included integrations.

The operation with the mappings is very simple. You can create unlimited mappings, and each mapping is typically associated with a product that you promote. Also, each mapping has an associated link for receiving IPN notifications from the source.

For details please read Working with the Mappings chapter.


For the Debug section details please refer to Debugging Your Mappings chapter dedicated to the debugging tools provided in this application.