Subscribe Via Webform

This is another generic integration implemented in The Customer Collector. This one allows you to send the contact data to services using the HTML code of a subscribe form.

There is one caveat, though: this only works with autoresponders allowing frequent submissions originated from the same IP address. For that reason, AWeber, for example, is not suitable at all, because AWeber only allows one submission/IP address/day, and in the context of The Customer Collector, all submission requests would originate from the web server on which it is installed.

A comprehensive list of suitable services will be published here soon.

This integration doesn’t require prior configuration, so it won’t appear on the Connections page. It will only be available as a target connector in the mapping edit form.

In the image above you can see the target portion of Mapping Edit form when “Subscribe via Webform” is selected as the target. In order to configure the mapping, you first need to paste the HTML code of the form to be used. Then the form fields will appear in the 3 dropdown lists, allowing you to decide which of them will receive which information. If in doubt, please consult the documentation of the respective autoresponder to understand its form field naming convention.