Subscribe Via Email

This is one of the generic integrations implemented in The Customer Collector. It allows you to send the contact data to autoresponders having “subscribe via email” feature. It does so by simply sending an email message with an empty body. The receiving service must extract the name and email address from the email’s “From:” field.

One of the supported autoresponders is AWeber. You can add subscribers to any list by simply sending an email to the unique email address corresponding to that list. If the unique list name is awlist1234567, then the corresponding email address should be

But honestly, I think you would have much more benefits by using the provided API integration, mainly due to its tags feature.

Anyway, a comprehensive list of supported services will be published here soon.

It doesn’t require prior configuration or authorization, so it won’t appear on the Connections page. It will be available as a target connector option only in the mapping edit form.