MailChimp integration is designed to communicate with your MailChimp account via API. The contact information comes from the source connector and is then used to create a subscriber in the list of your choice. Before using it you must authorize The Customer Collector to access your MailChimp account.

Setting Up the Connection

As you would expect, the operation is almost identical to that of the others. You click on the link at the top of the Connect form, then log in using your MailChimp credentials. Then copy your API key from API Key page and paste it back into the textbox in Connect to MailChimp page.

Single/Double Optin

In MailChimp specific area in the mapping edit page, besides the possibility of choosing the target list, there is also a setting which decides how new subscribers will be added: with or without confirmation email (double optin or single optin).

MailChimp doesn’t have any user interface control for this setting, it’s available via API only, which is why we provided it here in the mapping edit form.