JVZoo source integration receives IPN requests from JVZoo in a proprietary format named JVZIPN. It can process requests both from products and affiliate links. It uses a complete implementation of JVZIPN protocol, including secret key verification, so it will only accept notifications triggered by your own links and rejects the ones coming from rogue sources.

An even better security would provide an SSL enabled web server, but this topic is beyond the scope of this manual.

Setting Up the Connection

JVZoo has its own Connect form including a step-by-step mini-guide to configure this integration. The Connect form is available in the Connections section.

While in the Connect form, click on the link at the top, which will display your JVZoo account settings in a new browser tab. You may have to log in first. Once in there, locate “JVZIPN Secret Key” setting. To generate the string for the first time you can use their random string generator, but any string will do, as long as it is only known to you.

Copy that string and paste it into the textbox in Connect to JVZoo form, then click on Connect button.

The Mapping Options:

In the Edit Mapping form, when JVZoo is selected as the source, you have the possibility to forward the same request to a 3rd party application. This is quite handy if you want to send JVZIPN notifications to more than one application.