Constant Contact

Constant Contact integration is designed to communicate with your Constant Contact account via API. The contact information comes from the source connector and is then used to create a subscriber in the list of your choice. Before using it you must authorize The Customer Collector to access your Constant Contact account.

Setting Up the Connection

The connection procedure is similar to that of other integrations. You click on the link at the top of the Connect to Constant Contact form and follow the indications. After the login page you’ll see another page with two options: Allow or Deny. If you choose Allow, the next page will show you the needed piece of information, the access token, which you simply copy and paste into the Connect form.

Single/Double Optin

Like with other autoresponders, you can decide whether to use single or double optins for the new subscribers. Constant Contact can give you this possibility, but only globally at account level. You cannot set it individually for each list.

For detailed explanations please click here.

The Mapping Options

The only specific setting is the dropdown for choosing the destination list.

Tags for subscribers is a feature available in the UI, which provides a way to group contacts together for targeted emails or just as a way of organizing your contacts. Unfortunately, the API implementation powering Constant Contact does not currently support tags.