This target integration is designed to communicate with your AWeber account via API. The contact information comes from the source connector and is then used to create a subscriber in the list of your choice. Before using it you must go to the Connections section and authorize The Customer Collector to access your AWeber account.

Setting Up the Connection

In Connect to AWeber form, you have a link, a textbox and a short step-by-step guide for configuring this integration.

Click the link at the top and you’ll be prompted to log in to your AWeber account, in order to grant the access to your AWeber account data. Enter your AWeber credentials and in the next screen, you’ll get an authorization code. Copy that code and paste it into the textbox in Connect to AWeber form, then click on Connect button.

The Mapping Options

In the Edit Mapping form, if you choose AWeber as the target you can then choose the destination list for the captured contacts. If you recently have created an AWeber list and don’t see it in the dropdown list, just click on the refresh button next to the dropdown and try again.

There are also some other useful AWeber specific features on this form: “Ad Tracking” and “Tags”. The “Ad Tracking” field can contain one identifier, while the “Tags” field can be filled with one or more identifiers.

If you fill in some information in these two fields, they will be attached to all the subscribers collected through the current mapping.

If the customer that is about to be subscribed is already on the target list, then he will receive the new tag(s) defined in the mapping. The “Tags” feature may be used to leverage segmentation and campaign automation in your AWeber account.

Single/Double Optin

AWeber lists have separate double-optin settings for webforms and API subscriptions. When a new list is created, its API subscriptions setting is initially set to double-optin. The thing is that you cannot change this setting by yourself, but you can try asking it to a client support representative using their chat facility.