The Integrations

These are the integrations currently implemented in The Customer Collector:

  1. JVZoo (source) – can be used to collect leads from JVZoo products or affiliate links. In a typical setup, you can automatically collect the lead info of buyers purchasing products through your affiliate links and send them to an autoresponder list/campaign. However, if you have products of your own listed on JVZoo platform, you can collect the leads from those as well. Or you can simply collect data just for the statistical charts if you want.
  2. AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact (targets) – send the collected leads to the lists of your choice via API to one of these autoresponders. Each of them is unique in terms of features, but you can find details about each of them further in the manual.
  3. Subscribe via email (target) – sends the collected leads by email. This integration can be used with services having the “subscribe by email” feature. It simply sends an email with an empty body to the specified target address. To obtain the contact’s information, the receiving service should extract the name and email address from the email’s “From:” field.
  4. Subscribe via webform (target) – subscribes the collected contacts by using webform HTML code from autoresponders. The condition for this to work is to be possible to use the same form from the same IP address multiple times a day. AWeber does not allow more than one subscription/day/client IP address via webform, so you cannot use AWeber in this scenario, but there are plenty of other autoreponders that do not enforce such limitation.

Important Information

Currently, JVZoo is the only source integration available, but more will be included in future releases. Anyway, some research has been already conducted and we can reveal some preliminary conclusions: JVZoo is somehow privileged due to the fact that at affiliate level, its IPN notifications are quite rich in information, whereas Warrior+, ClickBank, and PayPal, also at affiliate level, do not reveal any useful information about the original buyer in their IPN notifications. For these services at least, relevant customer information can be programmatically retrieved only if you are the product owner. So, at least for these services, the affiliates are out of luck.

In future releases, new integrations will be included upon request, as far as possible.