Supercharge Your Links

Now comes the fun part: integrate the Customer Collector into the affiliate links or products via notification URLs. Having this job done, every time a commercial transaction occurs, JVZoo sends an IPN message to the specified notification URL.

Get Your Notification Links

The mappings you created are awesome, but they remain useless until you couple them with your affiliate links, or products.

Navigate to the Mappings page, then hover the mouse pointer over the link icon and click on it to copy the link address to the clipboard. You are always guided by informational tooltips. These are, in fact, regular links, only with a twist thanks to a clever Javascript code.

You can, of course, use the old-fashion way: right-click on the link, then choose “Copy link address” option in the contextual menu. But please admit, the other way is much cooler.  🙂

Configure Your JVZoo Affiliate Links

Now log in to JVZoo and go to “Affiliate Approved Products” page. Choose a product and click on “Add Extras” link.

In the affiliate information screen expand “Affiliate JVZIPN Integration” section, paste your notification address and click on Save.

The picture below illustrates just an example, so make sure to use your own URL.

You can use different notification links for each affiliate link. You have total control on which product will send buyers to which list.

You can continue to promote your affiliate offers as before, the only difference being that from now on, you can directly publish your affiliate links and with every single purchase through your links, JVZoo will send an IPN notification with customer information to your special notification links.

CC will take it from there and will quietly add the buyers to your list. From now on, you’ll be able to get rid of all squeeze pages altogether.

The main change is that subscribing to your list will take place immediately AFTER the customer purchases the product, not before.

Configure Your JVZoo Products

The Customer Collector can be used with JVZoo products as well, so let’s see how to connect them together:

Go to your seller dashboard, choose one of your products and click on Edit button on the right.

In the product settings page navigate to the Advanced Settings section and check on “Add an External Program Integration” checkbox.

Then locate “Method 1” panel and fill in the “JVZIPN URL” field with your notification link. All the remaining options should be left at their default values.

All that’s left to do is save the product’s settings and you’re done.