Single or Double Optin

First off, as I’m not a law expert, I cannot make any legal advice, so please consider the following section just a personal thought.

Depending on your personal preference, the lists you plan to use with the Customer Collector may be configured as single optin or double optin for API subscription.

Starting 22nd May 2018 the built-in AWeber integration for JVZoo has confirmed opt-in turned off by default. This means that, if using the JVZoo internal AWeber integration, any subscriber added in the product owner’s lists will no longer receive any confirmation email.

The affiliates, on the other hand, will have their lists set to double optin for API subscriptions as before because your only option to connect with AWeber is via The Customer Collector. Unfortunately, CC cannot convert the lists to single optin by magic.

However, if you wish to turn off double-optin for API subscriptions, you need to ask their customer support to do it for you. Just use their chat facility and tell them that you want to remove confirmed opt-in for API subscriptions of a list that you are going to integrate with JVZoo through a 3rd-party app.

You’ll be asked for your login name and list name and they will make the change in less than a minute most of the times.

I really don’t know yet if they will accept the request in the current context, but anyway, it worth trying.

The above discussion was regarding AWeber double-optin setting for API subscriptions. However, with regard to other autoresponders, you’ll find all the details in the chapters dedicated to each integration.

Of course, the idea of using either single or double opt-in lists is not unanimous among marketers now more than ever, especially in the new GDPR context. This is entirely optional and it depends on your personal preference.

What I personally think is that double optin lists are better. Double optin subscriptions is a way to test the responsiveness of your subscribers right from the beginning. What benefit would you have from a subscriber who would not even respond to a simple confirmation email? Just think about it…