Whether you are a seasoned marketer or you have just started to do affiliate marketing, you certainly already have an account at one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms, JVZoo. And you also probably know how important is for a marketer to build his own email list using the so-called autoresponders. And not just any list, but a buyers list.

One way to build such a list is by selling other peoples’ products as an affiliate and use some kind of mechanism to collect the email addresses of your buyers. If you are a GetResponse user you are lucky because you can plug your GetResponse account right into your JVZoo affiliate link, which allows you to capture your customers’ email addresses on autopilot.

At the time of this edit, they also added SendLane to the list of affiliate links integrations.

But if you are using another autoresponder, for example AWeber, your only option is to send your customers to a squeeze page in order to make them subscribe to your list before giving them access to the promoted product.

Obviously, the squeeze pages are less efficient than a direct integration, because your customers must enter their contact details one more time. But what if I tell you that there is a way to plug virtually any autoresponder to your affiliate links?

The Customer Collector is essentially the man-in-the-middle between two types of services: source and target. The source, which is typically a digital marketplace or affiliate platform such as JVZoo, provides commercial transaction data. This data is in turn forwarded to the target, which is typically an email marketing service or autoresponder, such as AWeber.

The Customer Collector enables you to define an unlimited number of source-target pairs, which we called mappings. These mappings can be used either in conjunction with affiliate links or with products. This arrangement enables you, the affiliate marketer or product owner, to automatically collect the BUYERS of your promoted products right into your autoresponder lists. No more squeeze pages, no more lost leads!

Additionally, the data collected by The Customer Collector is used to display statistical charts that can help you analyze the performance of each and every product you are selling.

If you want to try it firsthand, please check the link below, but read carefully the explanations in the application’s home page in order to understand what to expect:


How Does It Work?

As an example here is how JVZoo affiliate links and AWeber lists can be connected together using The Customer Collector:

The Customer Collector uses mappings connecting one source to one target.

When a customer purchases a product through one of your affiliate links, a notification containing transaction data is sent by JVZoo and received by The Customer Collector. This notification contains various data, but what we are mostly interested in are the customer’s name and email address.

This data is then sent to your AWeber account and the customer’s email address ends up on your list.

When connected with your own products, The Customer Collector works the same way as with your affiliate links, but one of the greatest benefits of using CC instead of the default integrations available in JVZoo is the ability to assign tags to new or existing subscribers.

The current version includes a few more integrations for the target side of the mappings. Please read further for details.

Key Benefits

Here are the most important key benefits of The Customer Collector:

  1. Every single buyer of the products you promote as an affiliate will end up in YOUR BUYERS LIST.
  2. You no longer need to use a squeeze page to capture your buyers. This leads to better conversion and better lead generation rates. Many customers may lose patience if they have to fill-in the same data too many times.
  3. You can map unlimited affiliate links to unlimited lists.
  4. It enables the users of virtually any other autoresponders to have the same, or even higher, level of usability within JVZoo as GetResponse users have.
  5. You are no longer forced to use GetResponse (or SendLane) just because it’s the only autoresponder integrated into JVZoo’s affiliate links.
  6. You can assign TAGS to your new or existing subscribers, which will help you with segmentation and automation, depending on the capabilities of the target integration you are using.
  7. You get statistical graphs for the latest 30 days.
  8. It’s self-hosted, much like the self-hosted WordPress variant. This gives you COMPLETE CONTROL over your collected contact data.
  9. This web-based software has a super simple installation process. It doesn’t use any database backend, so you don’t have to mess around with database related complexity.
  10. A powerful debugging tool and log viewer enables you to efficiently pinpoint any processing issues.