Uploading the Files

The first installation step is to copy the installation files to your hosting server, and for this task you can use either the cPanel file manager or a 3rd party FTP utility, such as FileZilla or WinSCP. Either way, you need to create a folder where you want the software to be installed. For simplicity, let’s say you want the base URL to look like this:


Just create the cc directory in your domain’s root, which would typically result in this directory path:


You should’ve been received a ZIP archive containing the two files needed for the installation, package.zip and install.php. Transfer these two files to the directory you just created on your hosting server, as shown in the picture.

Having all the app’s files packaged in an archive avoids the need to transfer a large number of files via FTP, which is usually a time-consuming operation due to the transfer throttling enforced by the hosting companies, even if the files are small.

The provided installer script will take care of unzipping, configuring and securing the Software.