Installation Steps

Once the files are in place, just point your browser to the installer script.


The installer’s main page will show you the three or four simple steps to follow, each with a brief description.

Just click on the green button on the bottom right and the script will guide you through the installation process.

1. Check the Prerequisites

A series of checks will be done to determine if the minimal system requirements are met for optimum operation. Make sure that all of the presented system requirements have a green check mark next to them. Nowadays, these requirements are very common with any Linux based hosting service, so in normal circumstances, you shouldn’t have any issue. Even my Windows laptop with XAMPP has proven to be suitable.

2. Confirm Upgrade

If the installer detects the presence of any previous installation, this additional step will make you aware of that and will request you to confirm the upgrade. In this case, the installer script will take care of replacing the old version with the new one, including data migration if needed.

3. Unpack the Files

The Software files are initially packed in a zip file ( which will be unpacked during this stage directly on your hosting server.

4. Finish

In the final step, the installation files (install.php and will be removed from your hosting server. If for some reason the automatic file deletion fails, please do it manually, as you don’t want to give access to those files to random people on the Internet.

The picture below is just an example of how the last installation screen might look.

If for any reason you need to repeat the installation process, just make sure the two installation files (install.php and are in place before proceeding.

Before diving into the next chapter I would like to remind you of the most important security aspects regarding CC usage:

Keep your data files safe from prying eyes; they contain authentication tokens enabling communication between the CC and your external accounts. Do not share your authentication tokens with anybody!


After completing the installation process, please make sure install.php and files are deleted to avoid security issues.