First Time Run

Once the installation is complete, you can access the Software with your browser at the address shown on the last installation screen. Example:

Create the first user

When you access the Software for the first time and use Login option in the navigation bar, no user exists in the system yet, therefore you will be prompted to create a user.

After you create the first user/password pair, you can log in using the credentials of the newly created user. Subsequent use of Login option will display the normal login form.


When you click on Login link in the navigation bar, a simple login form is presented to you. Below the username and password fields, there is a “Remember Me” checkbox whose purpose is to choose between short or long session.

When logging in, if the checkbox is not checked, the login session will expire after 1/2 an hour of idle time, otherwise, it will last for one week of inactivity. In either case, any user activity will reset the session expiration time.

However, during the tests, it has been revealed that on some hosting systems the session expires after no more than 1/2 an hour of inactivity, no matter the checkbox value. This is due to the occurrence of two factors:

  1. The software uses the PHP default session storage mechanism and
  2. A cron job is responsible for garbage collection of the expired sessions.

In this situation, the software has no way to control the session expiration time and the checkbox setting will most probably have no effect.

Our team considers this a minor issue, which will probably be solved in future releases.

Activate your license key

After your first login, there is one more step left to do: activate your license key. Click on License link in the footer to display the license key management form. The license key should’ve been sent to you by email at the time of purchase.

Just paste the license key string into the textbox and click on the green Activate button.