Welcome to the Customer Collector!


The Customer Collector is essentially a piece of software acting as the man-in-the-middle between two types of services: the source and the target. The source, which is typically a marketplace such as JVZoo, provides commercial transaction data that is forwarded to the target, which is typically an email marketing service or autoresponder, such as AWeber.

This arrangement enables you, the affiliate marketer, to automatically collect the BUYERS of your promoted products right into your autoresponder lists. No more squeeze pages, no more lost leads.

Additionally, the data collected by The Customer Collector is used to display statistical charts that can help you analyze the performance of each product you sell.

The Customer Collector comes in two flavors: the lite version and the full version. Although the two flavors have the same purpose, they are very different in many aspects.

The lite version is a small PHP script which receives sale notifications from JVZoo and adds the buyer's email in an AWeber list of your choice. Any configuration and API permissions are made during the installation process. The script is flexible enough so that each product can be mapped to a different list.

The full version, on the other hand, is a full-fledged web application with a dashboard-style web interface for easy operation. It already includes more integrations than the lite counterpart, and even more are to be expected soon, which is easily done due to the modular structure of the app. The application is flexible to such a degree, that each product can be mapped not only to a different list but also to a different target integration. Please check out the LIVE DEMO.

The installation process for both lite and full versions is conveniently done through a wizard-style web interface script, and it requires uploading of only two files to your hosting server.

Lite Version

Documentation: YES, online/offline

Fast installation: YES

Number of links: UNLIMITED

Integrations: JVZoo, AWeber

User interface: NO

Statistics: NO

Support: NO

Free updates: NO

Test drive: NO

Full Version
one-time payment

Documentation: YES, online/offline

Fast installation: YES

Number of links: UNLIMITED

Integrations: JVZoo, AWeber, webform, email

User interface: YES, dashboard

Statistics: YES, last 30 days

Support: YES

Free updates: YES

Test drive: LIVE DEMO